Group maintainershipΒΆ

PkgDB2 integrates the possibility for FAS group to get watchcommits, watchbugzilla and commit ACLs.

There are some requirements for the FAS group:

  • name must end with -sig
  • must be of type pkgdb
  • must require people to be in the packager group
  • must have a mailing list address
  • must require sponsoring

One requirement for the mailing list address:

  • The mailing list address given to the FAS group must have a corresponding bugzilla account


If you wish to share you ACLs with a FAS group, open a new ticket on the infrastructure trac (Type: New Pkgdb Group).

Once the group has been created in FAS, you may give it commit, watchcommits and watchbugzilla ACLs using the Manage button on the package’s page.

On the manage page, you will have to click on Add someone and specify which ACL you want to give and on which branch.


For groups, the packager name will then have the format group::<fas_group_name>. If you do not respect this format, pkgdb2 will refuse to add the group as co-maintainer.